Everything You Need to Know About the 7 Different Classes of Forklifts: Part 2 

different classes of forkliftsAnd like we promised, we are back to discuss the remaining classes of forklifts! The first four classes of forklifts are pretty straightforward: they are to almost always be found in warehouses. With Classes 5, 6, and 7, this is where forklifts become more complex in their applications, how they are fueled, and what they are made with in order to carry out tasks. We go into depth with the last three classes of forklifts!

Class 5: Internal Combustion Engine Trucks with Pneumatic Tires 

Also commonly seen in warehouses, these forklift trucks are similar to Class 4 forklifts. What sets them apart is that they use pneumatic tires while Class 4 forklifts use cushioned tires. Class 5 forklifts can be used in several applications. They are predominantly used for handling small single pallet loads up to loaded 40-foot containers. As their titles indicate, these forklifts are powered by internal combustion engines and can be fueled by gasoline, diesel, and compressed natural gas fuels. 

Class 6: Electric and Internal Combustion Engine Tractors 

Class 6 forklifts are known for being some of the most versatile because they can also be used in a variety of applications, just like Class 5 forklifts. They can be powered by either internal combustion engines for outdoor use or battery-powered electric motors for indoor use. These machines, as versatile as they come, are commonly used for towing loads as opposed to lifting. Also known as tractors or tuggers, these forklifts weigh anywhere from three thousand pounds to six thousand pounds. 

Class 7: Rough Terrain Forklift Trucks 

The last class of forklifts is known as rough terrain forklift trucks. These forklifts are made with large floatation tires for outdoor use on rough, difficult surfaces. They are often used at construction sites to move and lift heavy building materials to other locations on the job site. Because they are equipped with tires made for rough terrains, they are also commonly used in lumber yards and auto recyclers, where operators can move around with ease. 

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