Early History of Jungheinrich


Here at Prana Machinery, we thrive on outstanding machines that carry the weight of the world. Working in the industrial industry means that we need heavy hitters that are dependable, quick, efficient, and able to do it day after day after day. When it comes to picking the very best in forklifts and other heavy machinery, there’s one brand that we can always depend on – Jungheinrich. Over the years, we’ve seen how much Jungheinrich has evolved as an outstanding company and partner and in creating better and stronger machines. We wanted to show you their roots to know more about their process. 

Early Start of Jungheinrich 

Shortly after World War II, in Germany, Dr. Friedrich Jungheinrich had begun the foundations for the company we know of today. At the time, the company was still under his father’s ownership, H. Jungheinrich & Co. The company first manufactured mechanical transport trucks, sack trucks, roller jacks, and hand pallet trucks. These were vital pieces of equipment that helped move debris and along with other heavy materials during reconstruction. 

After years of reworking the company and surviving during some of the toughest times in the industry, they looked at a new machine. In 1950, the company produced 20 electric forklift trucks along with their pallet trucks and transport trolleys. In this era, the workers had assembled a new type of electric forklift with a driver’s seat called Ameise 55 (A55). They launched the new truck at the 1953 Hannover Messe and made history. 

This created a boom during the years of “economic miracle” as transportation and storage rationalization became a primary focus. As workers became scarce in the 1950s, companies invested more in warehouse and conveyor systems. This also benefited Jungheinrich with the broad range of products now ready to use. Jungheinrich also developed their own electric motor around 1956. They were installed in more than 28,000 trucks by 1965. During that time as well, the “Ameise Retrak” was invented, which was the first Jungheinrich reach truck and created a whole new line of forklift trucks. With that, they coined a fixed concept in the industry. 

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