Electric Forklifts: The Benefits and What They Can Do For Your Project 

Forklifts play a major role in construction, warehousing, and many other settings. Forklifts help contractors complete their daily tasks with ease. Now, forklifts can run on various sources of energy. Some of the forklifts offered at Prana Machinery are electric-based. Going years back, electric forklifts were not as manufactured and distributed as much as they are now. \n\nAlthough gas-powered forklifts are still very much in the industrial field of work, electric forklifts provide benefits and advantages that gas-powered forklifts may lack. With that, it’s likely that electric forklifts could soon completely replace the gas-powered counterparts of traditional forklifts. We look at what electric forklifts can provide.

Less Maintenance 

Electric forklifts have electric motors, of course, so by design, electric motors have fewer moving parts. With less internal mobility of parts, electric motors typically do not need the lubricants and oil changes that gas-powered forklifts and vehicles require. Even better, electric forklifts are less likely to break down or encounter problems with parts. Since electric motors require less attention, they do not need as much maintenance. 

No Fuel Consumption 

Electric forklifts were made out of the need to replace gas-powered forklifts whenever deemed necessary. If a warehouse is running low on fuel or does not have the financial means to constantly cover gas, this is where an electric forklift can come in and speed up daily tasks. Needless to say, prices continue to go up, and constantly purchasing gas is not cheap. Electric forklifts completely replace the need for gas and they can cost much less than gas-powered forklifts. 

Reduced Costs on Equipment

Electric forklifts give contractors so many reasons as to why they are efficient and reliable pieces of equipment. Because they do not require costly fuel or replacement parts, electric forklifts can execute the same work but at little cost. It costs a liquid-propane gas $20 to lift equipment and parts in an eight-hour shift, whereas it only costs $5 for an electric forklift to do just as much work within the same amount of time! 

Enhanced Safety 

Using these machines and equipment can pose risks, big and small, to those who are operating them. Forklifts that run on gas are more likely to encounter problems such as leaks, tank failure, motor failure, among many others. This isn’t necessarily the case with electric forklifts. Electric forklifts are typically made with as few parts as possible, so there is less room for something to go wrong. 

Longer-Lasting Motors and Battery 

Modern-day electric forklifts are being made to run for hours on end without having to be charged. Almost every kind of forklift out there is made with the same intentions, but electricity-based motors tend to be the most innovative. Their motors are long-lasting and do not exhaust as easily. Even better, their battery lifespan is stretched out by a long haul. When you need a forklift that can hold you up for hours, day by day, electric forklifts are your best option. 

Less Need for Fuel Storage

When you are not relying on equipment that relies on gas, you don’t have to worry about making the space to store fuel and gas. With more room for storage, you can take advantage of this space by using it for other equipment or machinery you may have. Electric forklifts provide more room and are flexible pieces of machinery. With the need for less attention, you don’t have to tend to an electric forklift. 

Stronger Lifting Capacities 

Electric forklifts are said to be able to lift up to 40,000 pounds. Smaller electric forklifts can lift up to 11,000 pounds. Depending on what it is that you aim to achieve during your shift, an electric forklift can handle it all. 

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