How An Electric Forklift Can Benefit Your Business

An electric forklift may seem like an outdoor item that doesn’t belong in your business, but the perks behind it may beg to differ. It doesn’t matter what industry you work in; making your workflow more manageable and more efficient is probably one of the most important priorities for every business. Why struggle with one method when they’re a better alternative that gets you the same results? This is a very important topic for those with large warehouses and in the wholesale construction supply industry. First, we need to know more about electric forklifts, what they can do in order for you to understand how they can truly benefit your business properly. 

Forklift Classifications

You should first take a look at how forklifts are classified. In total, there are seven classifications outlined by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Here it describes their function for use and fuel option. All forklift operators should be aware of the proper forklift safety practices for the classification they’re working with, as well as being certified on that classification to operate and work with it. 

The forklift classifications are:

Class I

Class II 

Class III 

Class IV 

Class V 

Class VI 

Class VII 

Benefits of Electric Forklifts 

There have been various significant improvements and updates to modern forklifts of all kinds in the past decade. Now there are more options available to fit almost any work environment out there. Electric forklifts are part of this massive movement of more control in both indoor and outdoor settings. Most particularly, the warehouses and commercial use are electric forklifts used due to their advantages in cost, maintenance, and operation. 

Saving On Costs

When looking at the cost of forklifts, there’s so much to be saved when making this jump. You have no fuel cost, which is significantly lower than fuel overall. These electric machines run off of chargeable batteries that can typically last longer than the average two shifts that they’re used for during a single day. The overnight charging may use more power, but numbers have proven that they’re significantly less than any other route. You also have low maintenance costs since the electric motors don’t require the same type of extensive maintenance routines. Also, not having a combustion engine makes things much simpler. 

No Emissions No Noise

You can breathe easier knowing that electric forklift motors don’t emit fuel emissions while in use. This makes using them inside safer for everyone around and keeps you in the clear when it comes to EPA emission standards.  

Because of the motors involved, you also get better visibility and can hear better around you. Many propane forklifts make these essential visual and audible queues almost impossible. 

Prana Machinery Has The Forklift For You

We have a wide selection of electric forklifts for you to choose from. We carry nearly every forklift type we carry that can maximize your production, productivity, and the relief that you are taken care of while using it. We have warranties and maintenance services available to keep you running. Give us a call today if you have any questions about our availability or services.