How Do You Get Forklift Certified in El Paso?

Getting your employees forklift certified is paramount for the production of any company that uses forklifts in El Paso. This includes distributors, warehouses, and any other type of company involved in an industry where forklifts are necessary. 

The great thing about forklift certification is that the process isn’t too involved or complicated. And once you have your certification, you can operate new and used forklifts as well as forklift rentals. You can also operate forklifts for sale that you’re inspecting and thinking about purchasing. 

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How to Get Your Forklift Certification in El Paso 

While forklift certifications are mandatory to operate used forklifts or forklift rentals in El Paso, they’re fairly easy to obtain. Here’s everything you need to know and what the process entails. 

The Certification Process

In most cases, the easiest way to get forklift certified in El Paso is to do the training and exam online. You can do this through any OSHA-approved and compliant company that offers forklift certification. Before taking the exam, however, there is a mandatory forklift training program that you’ll have to work through. 

On average, however, forklift training programs and the ensuing exam and certification take two to four hours to complete. The certification process can cost anywhere from $60 to $200, depending on the level of certification you need and which company you go through. 

Even if you already have your forklift certification, it’s important to remember that you’ll need to renew it every three years. If you fail to do so, you’ll have to retake your certification program and start from scratch. 

Once you obtain your forklift certification, you can obtain your license by passing the mandatory driving test. Contact us to learn more and explore our used forklifts or forklift rentals! 

Getting Certified as a Trainer

In addition to getting certified as a forklift operator in El Paso, you can also get certified as a trainer. Most forklift certification websites and companies offer a Train the Trainer option, where you can become qualified to train and grant employees their forklift certifications. 

Remember that they’ll still have to complete a certification program, but they can do so under your tutelage and keep everything in-house. If you have a large company that operates with a lot of current and future forklift operators, getting someone certified as a forklift trainer is an excellent idea. 

Getting certified as a trainer also means that your employees have the chance to operate used forklifts or forklift rentals on-site for practice, as long as they’re being monitored by your trainer. This is a huge advantage to becoming proficient in forklift operation and gives your employees the best chance of passing their driving test and getting their forklift license. 

The Consequences of Operating a Forklift Without Certification 

If you or one of your employees operates a used forklift or forklift rental without certification and licensing in El Paso, the consequences are stiff. For starters, OSHA can fine you thousands of dollars per day for every day that you violate their forklift certification requirements. Next, if you lie about certification and get caught, you could face a fine of more than $100,000, plus six months of jail time. 

In addition to the monetary penalties, you have a higher risk of workplace accidents when people are operating forklifts without being trained and certified. 

Who to Contact for All Your Forklift Needs in El Paso 

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