How to Decide Between New vs. Used Forklifts in El Paso

Are you looking to purchase a forklift due to a piece of equipment breaking down unexpectedly while your firm is expanding? Perhaps you want a more efficient forklift for your new business or venture. No matter your needs, you may feel stuck choosing between new and used forklifts in El Paso.

You can buy new or used forklifts in El Paso to increase the number in your fleet. Both choices appeal to businesses due to their purpose and functionality. You should know the advantages and disadvantages of buying new versus used forklifts to make the best investment for your business.

Prana Machinery is here to help buyers make the right decision when deciding between new or used forklifts in El Paso. Take a look at our comparisons below!

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New vs. Used Forklifts: Advantages & Disadvantages of Both Options

Used forklifts typically cost 30–50% less than their new counterparts. In some situations, you can acquire used equipment much faster. However, purchasing a new forklift may make sense if your operation involves many shifts. A new forklift arrives with a “Factory Warranty,” which can only be as great as the dealer selling and maintaining that brand of the forklift. This does, however, guarantee dependability, increased productivity, and decreased downtime. Take a look at some of the pros and cons of each below.

Buying A New Forklift

If your organization requires multiple shifts, purchasing new forklifts may be your best option. New forklifts can handle heavy use better. Additionally, they have warranties that typically last one to three years. Some special provisions are based on the environment where the forklift will be used but are constrained to heavily oppressive environments such as foundries, etc.



Buying A Used Forklift

When you purchase a used forklift in El Paso, it can be a part of your fleet as soon as the owner receives your payment. A new forklift may have a longer lead time because it typically takes between six and nine months from placing your order until it is delivered.

You cannot wait those months if your equipment malfunctions and you are in a serious situation. Since secondhand forklifts are typically easier to find than new ones, you can buy one quickly and start using it immediately.



El Paso New and Used Forklifts

Whether you should purchase a new or used forklift entirely depends on your needs and financial situation. Before choosing amongst them, you should consider all of your needs. A forklift is a crucial piece of equipment for performing your material handling operations.

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