When Should You Upgrade Your Forklift Fleet?

Forklift Fleet in warehouseThe one thing you need most in your warehouse workplace – reliability. Managers need forklifts they can rely on, especially if you’re operating with a fleet. Having the best forklift fleet doesn’t just happen by accident either. A solid and reliable fleet gets created by active planning, increased attention to maintenance procedures, and awareness of the data that the fleet brings. So, what else is there to know about forklift fleet management? Let’s break it down a bit to ensure you’re getting the most from your equipment. 

Is It Time To Update Your Forklift Fleet? 

When things are running smoothly, it can seem difficult to gauge when to make time for replacements, repairs, retiring machines or batteries, or even retain some forklifts. If you replace a forklift too soon, you can run the risk of not getting the most out of your investment. However, replacing one too late can cause disaster. It can lead to expensive costs, safety hazards, or time-consuming replacements and repairs that put things behind schedule. \n\nAim to carefully track the costs that are associated with each truck, including what you pay monthly for it and the maintenance costs of parts and labor. Analyze these results to understand how certain factors work in relation to the engine hours used on each machine. As ownership costs decrease, the maintenance costs will slowly increase. Knowing where that sweet spot lies will help you determine how to get the most out of each machine without losing time or money. 

Forklift Utilization And Repairs 

By keeping track of maintenance history and tracking the utilization of each forklift will make this process simpler. If the utilization rate goes above 90%, that’s an indication of an overworked forklift. It’s definitely time to look into adding another machine to your fleet. \n\nKeeping these records manually can prove difficult, so look into software that helps you keep track of these details. Using proper data to make decisions about your forklift fleet will save time and money and avoid costly mistakes. It can also increase workplace productivity and efficiency. 

Prana Machinery Can Help You Build Your Forklift Fleet

If you’re trying to build an efficient forklift fleet, we can help you. When it comes down to repairs and maintenance, the team here at Prana Machinery will take care of any issues you’re having. Give us a call to learn more about our inventory and how we can work with your business to get your forklifts at the top of their game.